Elemental hair analysis

Elemental hair analysis – what actually is it?

In brief, an elemental hair analysis allows you not only to assess the condition of your hair, but also the rest of your body. Such procedure will demonstrate exactly what nourishing substances are missing in your body. This knowledge is crucial, as some deficiencies of nourishment can be extremely harmful – they ultimately contribute to the deterioration of our well-being and general health. At times, even serious illnesses are generated as result.

Why do we need a regular hair examination?

When it comes to the examination of hair’s composition, mainly the ones who care about intensive hair care will opt for this solution. Such people desire to know the exact characteristics of their hair, so that they can sufficiently select the relevant cosmetics; not only the cleansing products and beauty care supplements, such as masks, oils, conditioners and balms, but also styling cosmetics.

What’s interesting, is that not everyone is aware of the fact that the elemental hair analysis aids the assessment of our overall health condition – so it’s not always just about the hair! If there are specific substances missing in our hair, which normally should be there in large amounts, then that’s a good sign that there are also shortages in our system. This is why the saying that ‘our outer body reflects the state of our inner body’ has been adapted by so many doctors and nutrition/health experts.

Elemental hair analysis is also performed for other, more specific reasons, e.g. detecting the presence of toxic metals in the body. To many people’s surprise, this method can actually detect the substances which accumulated in our bodies over the last six or even eight weeks, and not just the substances that entered our body recently. It’s therefore a very powerful method which can accurately pin point what your body is composed of i.e. what negative/positive particles run throughout your system and their precise amount.

Elemental hair analysis – What’s the doctors’ opinions?

Many people think that special hair examinations represent the condition of our body much better than blood or urine tests. It’s hard to believe, but in some cases it’s actually true. The composition of our blood and urine varies depending on what we eat and drink (hence why the tests are always performed on an empty stomach – otherwise the results can draw biased data). This isn’t the case with elemental hair analysis. However, doctors, are still far from diagnosing specific diseases based on elemental hair analysis. Besides, this type of research is not usually performed in laboratories which operate in a public health centre – so special requests and arrangements have to be made. So, all in all the method has it’s benefits and drawbacks.

How to deliver your hair for analysis?

Finding a laboratory where hair elemental analysis is performed isn’t actually that difficult. Indeed, such places are found more often in large, modern cities. But even if you live far in the countryside, the benefit of this procedure is that you don’t need to appear in the laboratory personally, unlike with the blood/urine test. Everything can be arranged by mail-correspondence. All you must do is to cut off a couple strands of hair, pack them up and send them to the indicated address of the company you’ve gone for. However! Make sure that the strand isn’t dyed, waved or treated with keratin straightening procedure – as this will draw negative or uncanny results. So it’s most reliable to send off hair that is fully natural, it doesn’t matter whether it’s damaged or not. Make sure you also cut off or pull out the hair as far into the roots as possible, because if you only send of the hair-ends this might also draw unreliable results – after all it’s the hair-ends that absorb the most pollutants, and our roots reflect the true nature of our hair.

Professional laboratories usually inform you beforehand that the strands must be at least 4cm and weigh at least 0.3 grams – although these criteria vary. If your hair has recently been dyed or waved, then you should wait a couple of weeks to get rid of the data-disruptive factors, and then send the hair strand. Though it’s always useful to get in touch with the elemental hair analysis company you’ve gone for, and familiarise yourself with their individual specifications and requirements.

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