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Hair Solutions
problems with hair

Common problems with hair

The most common problems with hair. And how to deal with them? Nowadays, our hair is exposed to more harm...

Elemental hair analysis

Elemental hair analysis

Elemental hair analysis – what actually is it? In brief, an elemental hair analysis allows you not only to assess...

Hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment – does hair define you?

Hair loss treatment – facing your appearance and self perception problems Hair loss very often results in serious problems, both...

Hair dye

Hair dye – the practical advice

Hair dye – when should we use it? Hair can truly distinguish people. Depending on its qualities, hair can make...

Hair replacement

Hair replacement – non surgical solutions

Hair loss solutions and your mental state Hair loss is very often connected with serious mental trauma. A lot of...

Damaged hair

Damaged hair – the valuable tips

Damaged hair – reasons behind the damage There are many factors out there that accumulatively cause easy damage to your...

Alopecia treatment

Alopecia treatment – the relevant advice

 What is alopecia? Alopecia is a serious autoimmune disease during which our own body attacks our hair follicles and their...

Human hair extensions

Human hair extensions

Hair extensions – the types and varieties Without a doubt, hair extensions are becoming more and more popular these days....

Pulling your hair

The process of hair pulling and trichotillomania

 Stress disorders resulting in pulling your hair out In today’s world everything travels fast – lifestyle, work, info, private life...

Behavioural therapy

Behavioural therapy and trichotillomania

What is trichotillomania? Hair thinning and hair loss is a very common problem for the modern society. Nowadays more people...