Human hair extensions

Hair extensions – the types and varieties

Without a doubt, hair extensions are becoming more and more popular these days. What’s interesting, they aren’t only used as a treatment method for hair loss, their primary usage is for general appearance improvement. So a lot of people enjoy this invention, even if there aren’t any hair problems involved. Hair extensions come in many types and have various attachment methods. There are two main hair extension types: the ones made from human hair and hair extensions made from synthetic hair. Moreover, the attachment methods vary themselves, and it is usually also a matter of personal preference what you go for. For example, there are clips-ins, type-ins, sewn-on etc. and what’s more, new attachment methods are constantly being developed, to make the experience even more reliable and pleasant. So, we’ve introduced you to the theory, but what about practical applications and the possibilities?

Human hair

Extensions come in various qualities. Human hair extensions are generally thought to be the best of the best. It’s no wonder that so many celebs opt for this option. But what are their basic qualities? Human hair extensions are made from high quality human hair, specially selected by donors. Growing hair to sell it after is currently an actual job! Yes, people spend months and years simply growing their hair just to cut it off straight away and sell it onwards, and big companies invest in such process. So what you get is 100% real human hair that guarantees a full natural look. And since it’s real you can easily wash, blow dry or straighten them without any risk of extreme damage – just like you would do with your own hair. Of course, we mean that you’ll be exposing your hair to a limited risk of damage, as even human hair over time gets harmed by these procedures. You can also apply various hair care products to care for such hair. So as a whole, we can sum up that human hair extensions don’t really differ from our own natural hair. With synthetic hair it’s slightly a different story. These types of hair extensions are artificial, and they may look fake, depending on their quality. But with those from the lower end you can easily notice the artificiality, by observing the way they curl, flow and move about. When it comes to synthetic hair extensions, you should be also extra careful when it comes to hair care procedures such as blow drying or straightening. We recommend that you avoid them completely as they could seriously damage the extensions, and even your own hair (in the worst case scenario, setting them on fire!).

It’s also important to highlight that human hair extensions are far more durable. They can last for a long period of time and don’t wear down easily. They are also proved to be more comfortable to wear and use in comparison to synthetic hair extensions. They are naturally sleek and bouncy which makes them feel convenient and nice to touch. After all, the way you feel is also a crucial factor, so consider that when choosing your extensions. And above all, remember that in this case, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is very much true in terms of extensions, and opting for the dearer human hair ones won’t cause you any regrets.

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