Popular hair loss treatments in UK

What are the most effective hair loss treatments in the United Kingdom? Well, it depends highly on what you’re looking for and what you really need. You can find countless solutions online, but determining which alternative is the right one can be pretty hard, even if you spend hours roaming through Google’s forums and message boards. The worst thing is that the information found online is often contradictory and full of false guidance!

Thus, we are here to sum up briefly the available hair loss solutions which are most often utilised by women and hair experts in the UK.

Hair transplants:

A surgical solution which demands an utmost care and attention during the operation performed by a professional surgeon, specialising in such type of procedures. It can be very effective, but may possess some risks due to the surgical intervention. It is usually also a pretty expensive solution and some patients may deal with a painful recovery time.


The least expensive method, but also the least effective when dealing with hair loss, as it has more cons than pros, e.g. cheaper wigs are easily distinguishable.


Hair loss is such personal condition that there is no universal solution to the problem. And the medications available on the market range from expensive cosmetics to pretty budget chems and pills. Whether medications help you with the hair loss condition is highly dependent on your body. Remember that with more serious causes of hair loss e.g. chemotheraphy it will be less likely that medication will help extensively with regaining your hair.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are a much better method than wearing a simple wig, due to the fact it is much easier to hide the fact that we are wearing false hair. Our hair with specifically applied extensions looks more natural, healthy and desirable. It is usually inexpensive to purchase the extensions, in comparison to wigs and surgeries. But most of all applying the extensions is pain free. Although the cons of this procedure are that it can be a time consuming process, demanding frequent visits to the hair salon which will help you keep the hair in place.

Remember, that a doctor or a specialist should provide you with a recommendation regarding which of those solutions is best for you. As was already mentioned, hair loss is a very personal issue, and you should choose wisely, accordingly with the causes of your condition.










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