Damaged hair – the valuable tips

Damaged hair – reasons behind the damage

There are many factors out there that accumulatively cause easy damage to your hair, and in many situations, we can’t do much about these circumstances. To name just a few examples, think of: weather conditions which dry out/wet/freeze your hair; improper selection of cosmetics, inappropriate hair care procedures, improper techniques of washing, drying or even brushing your hair etc. The list could go on! But the issue is, if we’re not hair experts, and if we hadn’t done our homework, we could be unintentionally ignorant about these factors, resulting in our hair degradation. For example, in terms of weather conditions, sun, wind, and freezing temperatures can easily damage weak hair, and unless we constantly wear a hat, we’re gonna be victims of these elements at some point. So as you can see, there are a lot of potential reasons why our hair could be damaged – and some of these factors can be internal (depending on us and our actions) and external (depending solely on our environment). What matters is that there are plenty of factors out there which are beyond or influence and control – so all we can do is simply try to limit the exposure of negative effects.

But no matter what the reasons are behind our damaged hair, our hair can never be neglected. Damaged hair usually looks weak, it’s brittle, fragile and looks like a bunch of lifeless twigs. Damaged hair not only draws the attention but also lowers our self esteem. So what can be done to make your hair smooth and shiny again? Is there a cure for damaged hair? Unfortunately, there isn’t a single, uniquely special curing method suitable for all people. After all, there can be many sources to why our hair is damaged, and each person will have to take different approaches e.g. lay off the hair drying or change the cosmetics. So there are various treatment methods that can be applied, once we’ve figured out why our hair is in this bad condition. Moreover, damaged hair treatment must first involve a proper analysis of our hair type and hair texture.

Damaged hair – all the tips

If damaged hair results from frequent application of inappropriate cosmetics, it’s best to consider what ingredients and properties your cosmetics consist of. Perhaps there’s just one ingredient that’s harmful, perhaps there’s a couple, or maybe your cosmetics include chemicals in general, when your hair requires strictly natural ingredients? Sometimes its just hard to tell, so you need to be very observant and pay attention to every product you use and the effects this product has on your hair. Experimenting by switching between numerous components is also useful. It’s always also good to see an allergen clinic or a professional e.g. dermatologist, where tests can be run on you and it can be recommended what products would suit you and your hair the best. But above all, remember, that although it’s fairly easy to change cosmetics from one to another, it can be difficult to observe how your hair reacts to them, because sometimes even the subtlest changes won’t make a difference to us. So once again, you could rely on long term tests or visits to specialist/clinics where special advice can be gained. In terms of observing whether your hair is damaged through factors like improper hair procedures (hair drying, straightening etc.), you’ll usually be able to see their negative effects immediately.

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