Hair replacement – non surgical solutions

Hair loss solutions and your mental state

Hair loss is very often connected with serious mental trauma. A lot of people who experience hair loss have to cope with negative emotions, which in return creates even more stress and even permanent anxiety. And this certainly won’t help us treating the issue, as we need to feel positive about ourselves and our body. If we rely on medications that cure hair loss this situation can get even worse. Such chemicals are often linked to developing more stress and even depression, which can eliminate the good effects of the medication, making the entire process wasteful and harmful. Unfortunately, there’s no simple, and immediate solution to get rid of stress or anxiety…

Luckily, there’s plenty of effective solutions for more complicated hair loss problems. The most common ones are: head bands, professional and sophisticated wigs and hairpieces, fully customised hair extensions or advanced hair replacement methods. Interestingly, these methods and ways of solving our problem do not create stress, anxiety and depression related side effects. It’s the opposite in fact! By using these techniques, we will feel confident and positive about ourselves. These methods thus offer safe solutions to hair loss, which will enhance our self-esteem instead of decreasing it. Some of these alternatives can even be permanent, e.g. hair replacement methods which offer risk free lifelong solutions.

Hair replacement – are hair extensions helpful?

Hair extensions are mentioned very often in relation to hair replacement. Although, by definition hair extensions offer only minor enhancement to our own hair e.g. adding volume, length and thickness. Contemporary hair extensions are based on advanced techniques, as they not only add volume to your hair but also effectively cover bald spots & fill in the thinning hair or receding hairlines. Modern day hair extensions are based on safe attachment methods which don’t use glue or heat that can be harmful to your skin and hair. High quality components, made out of real hair can actually be a very impressive solution.

Non-surgical hair replacement

However, hair extensions may not be enough if we are dealing with more serious hair-related issues. It is sometimes best to rely on hair replacement methods if our hair loss is severe. When considering hair replacement many people automatically think of hair transplants or other invasive hair restoration methods. However, there are non-surgical solutions that you could undertake as well. Years of practice and developing technologies allowed scientists to create effective non-surgical hair replacement systems. Those custom made hair systems are carefully attached to your head, and can be a permanent and satisfactory answer to hair loss.

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